Senior-level Job Interview

I was really excited at the potential to work with a Collective Intelligence SaaS software company. The challenge behind the product was to build engagement and participation through psychological safety and global collaboration.

As the Senior UX Researcher at the company, I would be responsible for building the research program. It was no surprize that the “design test” was to build and explain a research program for a fake app.


Given this minimal information, certain items stood out in the data. There are goals set in this budget, but I do not know how or why they were set. What is the purpose of this software and why did the user select this program? Did she create the categories? If not, did the data get parsed properly?

I started writing all these questions, issues, and ideas on sticky notes. After a while, I saw some patterns emerging so I moved to affinity mapping them into the clusters.

Affinity Mapping to organize ideas

To really build upon the questions, I imagined which methods and tools would be most appropriate to answer those questions. From there, it was nearly straightforward to decide on potential company KPIs and regular deliverables based on those tools. I included those in their own swimlanes and color coded stickies.

What it looked like when I presented 45 min later
Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 2.38.29 PM
What those stickies actually say!

I called the guys back in and we spent some time going over my ideas. They questioned and “ooh’d and aah’d” before we decided to get happy hour downstairs.

It was one of the best teams I’ve ever worked on and I miss them.