Putting out a Fire


The SaaS software was not working well on tablet devices, so the company built a wrap-around app that would make it easier for users on iPads. Feedback had not been as good as they hoped. The purpose of the heuristic analysis was to shine light on what must and should be done to improve user experience.


The app was only available to iPad users. We needed to compare usability on iPads using the app, Safari, and Chrome. Firefox and other browsers were not supported platforms.

No major design overhauls would be considered as this version of the software was entering the end of life phase and would be sunsetted as soon as the new version was complete. The company would only entertain critical updates.


Toni Rosati – research lead
Max LaRue – design intern

Process, Research Design

The software enables facilitators to gather information from groups of participants in real time. A Macbook Pro was used as the leader view and iPads were used for the participant view.

Max and I tested on iPad generation 3 using TT6 App, Chrome and Safari browsers. The only difference between this generation hardware and our customer’s most commonly seen hardware was that we had a slower processor. Testing was done on the company’s secure network as well as the guest network since the software was known to have connection issues.

Research was completed over 3 sessions that were video recorded using Quicktime and a Nikon DSLR on a tripod. Issues were discussed on video and later transferred to a Google Sheets template that I created. Screenshots of the iPad were taken from the video.

Key Findings

Critical issues included the login experience, scrolling, dragging, fixed screens, keyboard pop-up, zooming, and overall consistency of behavior and appearances.Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 12.46.16 PM


While many issues were uncovered, the company elected to fix the login workflow and make basic improvements to the touch mechanics. Better instructions and training were also made available to meeting facilitators.

A high priority client who used iPads for a critical meeting reported that they could tell we tested and cared about their needs.

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