Hank’s Journey Cybersecurity


The following is a brief user story about a persona named Hank who ends up being very grateful about a new product feature.

Hank’s Journey

Hank is a good security analyst, but he is fairly new to his position. He knows the tech well, but every company sets things up differently. It takes time to understand all the caveats in each system.


Hank recently signed up for the new auto-detect SMS alert service from LogRhythm. Hank would have probably found the breach eventually, but the alert gave him just enough information to hunt it down quickly and efficiently.

Also, the alert gave Hank the confidence that the threat was bad enough to put all his other work on hold. Hank was able to be the HERO in the weekly board meeting because of LogRhythm.

First Draft of the Alert System Admin Panel

Hank works for a large multi-national company (Big Mama INC), but he’s the only security person for his domain (Porridge.com). When Hank transferred to this position, the administrator for the Big Mama INC set up Hank to receive email and SMS alerts through LogRhythm. That was just a couple weeks ago.

Hank goes into the LogRhythm community portal and does a search on the threat. He’s nervous that such a big problem might be happening so soon at his tenure with Porridge.com. Luckily, the community portal gives Hank some suggested posts and he is able to zero in on what he needs.


Hank watches a quick video and realizes he can use his predecessor’s case logs to see if it is a match. He can now find out what the threat is, where it is coming from, and how to neutralize it.

Hank is relieved and feels confident about his new role. Dopamine is flowing through his brain and his cortisol levels are dropping. These neurotransmitters help to log this experience in Hank’s long term memory and will motivate him to seek out LogRhythm as a trusted solution in the future.

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