I am a User Experience Researcher and Product Manager. I help companies understand their customer’s needs and desires. When we understand a customer’s job to be done, we can create meaningful and engaging products that delight and inspire customers.


From Zero to One

Jobs To Be Done methods mesh perfectly with Google Design Sprints.


Journey Mapping

Diving deeper allowed CoachNet to innovate and strategize in new ways.

$1B Info Architecture

I’m honored to have worked on the IA for a website that produces $1 Billion in revenue every year.

Recovery Reminders

Generative research to help me empathize with my startup mentees.

Risk Perception

Turns out I was doing UX research before I knew about UX.

Culture Change

Becoming a Change Agent: When UX Is Perceived as Threatening. User Experience Magazine

Putting out a Fire

The purpose of this heuristic analysis was to shine light on what must and should be done to improve user experience on iPads.

Building a Portfolio

Normally, waiting for the in-person interview to show this level of detail is fine…but I want a leg up on the competition!

Product Management

Using Octalysis Gamification techniques, I created a new business model designed to engage users and build a loyal customer base.

eCommerce Product Cards

With the roll out of a newly redesigned responsive site, it was time to give our product cards a reboot too.

Creating Personas

Prototype personas allowed my CX team to get siloed departments focusing on the same customers and working together.

Empathy in PPC ads

Design thinking methods helped the marketing department understand the disjointedness of this experience.

Pricing Perceptions

This experiment design relied heavily on the customer journey and special requirements of the company.

Arctic Data Explorer

“Enabling data discovery and data re-use by improving software usability” was one of the first UX presentations at the American Geophysical Union.

Template Redesign

The template redesign was so successful that several universities and national labs requested to copy the format using their own funding specifications.

Data-Driven Personas

Personas helped us deliver climate model data and tailored education to our wide variety of users.