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Senior-level Job Interview

As the Senior UX Researcher at the company, I would be responsible for building the research program. It was no surprize that the “design test” was to build and explain a research program for a fake app.

UX Tenets and Traps

UX Tenets and Traps is a book and card deck for product makers that distills 100 years of research into the palm of your hand.

Educational Background

Here’s a short list of classes and experiences that helped me become the UX researcher I am today.

Sharing Research Data

Inna Kouper interviewed me at the Research Data Alliance 5th plenary. This article is about sharing qualitative data in a physical science environment.

Search Pathways

Familiarity with what users are searching for determines HOW they search.

28 Days Later

28 Days Later is a mobile app developed for Shawn Kane’s User Centered Design class at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Analyze Boulder

Analyze Boulder is a community of data geeks who give fast, accessible, TED-style talks once a month on any data topic. I’ve been on the leadership team since 2014.