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UX Unicorns

This blog post is adapted from a presentation I gave for a design manager role.

Tell Me About Yourself…

Executive Summary:
I unravel things, focus them, and create positive change.

Designer or Cook?

I’ve been a UX Researcher for almost a decade, but felt like I didn’t deserve the title of “Designer.”

Onboarding Qualitative Research

Charter Communications Business Enterprise team was courting me for months. It was an excellent match, but it came down to location. The following was presented to them as the research plan for how to integrate me as a qualitative researcher for their business clients.

Operationalization and Delight

Love is really hard to define. So how do you define what to build when your goal is to make products that people love? I did a little exercise to try to define that Limbic system “feeling” and put it into words. I chose…

Senior-level Job Interview

As the Senior UX Researcher at the company, I would be responsible for building the research program. It was no surprize that the “design test” was to build and explain a research program for a fake app.

UX Tenets and Traps

UX Tenets and Traps is a book and card deck for product makers that distills 100 years of research into the palm of your hand.

Educational Background

Here’s a short list of classes and experiences that helped me become the UX researcher I am today.

Sharing Research Data

Inna Kouper interviewed me at the Research Data Alliance 5th plenary. This article is about sharing qualitative data in a physical science environment.

Search Pathways

Familiarity with what users are searching for determines HOW they search.

28 Days Later

28 Days Later is a mobile app developed for Shawn Kane’s User Centered Design class at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Analyze Boulder

Analyze Boulder is a community of data geeks who give fast, accessible, TED-style talks once a month on any data topic. I’ve been on the leadership team since 2014.