by @gapinvoid

About Me


I am passionate about UX research, customer insights, and cross-functional team collaboration to make incredible product experiences that foster loyal customers.

As a business owner, I have over 10 years experience developing B2C and B2B products from inception to profit. With 6 years as a researcher in the academic and corporate worlds, I contribute knowledge of community building, interdisciplinary communication, and a love of all things data.

Guiding product development with user-focused data is my prime directive. I combine qualitative and quantitative data analysis with customer empathy. I like to lead teams with the same empathetic, open communication style so we can build a product vision and get the work done efficiently in a nurturing environment.

When I’m not working, I’m spending time with my dog or my foster pet. Perhaps I’m tending my aquaponic garden and fish, doing some photography, or cooking something awesome. I’m probably also organizing a data analytics, coding, or crafting meetup. And, let’s face it, I’m probably sipping one of Colorado’s amazing beers!