Hello there!

As a serial career changer myself, I know what it feels like to have career dreams and to want to do the work, but be turned down over and over again without constructive feedback.

My clients always gain clarity, confidence, and usually a hefty salary boost!

My Mission‚Äč

To help you to feel secure, beyond joy and fulfillment at work.

To show you that you are valued, wanted and safe.

Ultimately, I feel fulfilled when I bring people, plans, and experiences together.

In my own life...

I make time, daily, to practice hypnosis, physualization, and journaling, so that I can attain a deeper understanding of self-respect and my own strengths.

I am grateful that I have given myself opportunities by reframing, permitting, receiving, growing and not deviating from a belief that a calm, connected and fulfilling life is possible.

Professional Background

I began my professional career as a researcher in the academic and corporate worlds. 6 years later I was a business owner. I have over 10 years experience developing B2C and B2B products from inception to profit.

I contribute knowledge of community building, interdisciplinary communication, and a love of all things data.

My Credentials

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