Operationalization and Delight

Love is really hard to define. So how do you define what to build when your goal is to make products that people love?

I did a little exercise to try to define that Limbic system “feeling” and put it into words. I chose a product that I use every day and love as well as a product I use every day and DON’T love. The key was to look at attributes of each in terms of tangible and intangible and what is good and what sucks.


What I found out is this is a great exercise for persona work. Perhaps your company provides a product that is a necessary evil (Comcast anyone?). If so, your customers use you every day, but you have a different bar to delight them than most of the blog posts and business journals give advice for! It’s important to know what about your product and what about the people keep you afloat.

masteryIf it is an interface, let’s compare it to our customer’s interface. Here is an example with basic heuristic attributes on a radar/spider diagram. Be careful where you place attributes on a radar diagram since the area covered can easily be manipulated!


And it doesn’t have to stop there. Let’s compare delight over time with the level of money/effort that the company puts into their product.


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