UX Tenets and Traps

Since May 2016, I’ve been working with Michael Medlock and Stephen Herbst from Microsoft and Honeywell to develop the UX Tenets and Traps book, website, and card deck.

After watching this amazing video, I was moved to contact them and see if I could get involved! Turns out, I was just the kick-in-the-pants they needed to get the ball rolling again.

Our solution is for UX, product, design, and engineering teams. The method distills 100 years worth of user interface research so that teams can quickly identify problem areas.


Check it out! www.uitraps.com


TENETS describe attributes of good UI design. TRAPS describe common, detectable problems that degrade good design. Eliminate traps and the customer experience improves!


More than 100 years of research on human perception, cognition, memory, and ergonomics synthesized into an accessible and actionable deck of cards that teams can use to detect and resolve potentially costly UI problems early in development.


Developed and applied at Microsoft where it won the 2013 Microsoft Engineering Excellence Award. Now available to the public for the first time.

uitrapsWatch the featured talk at the 2014 Microsoft Build conference


tenets traps contributors





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