Analyze Boulder

Analyze Boulder is a community of data geeks who live, work, and play in Boulder, Colorado. Our members give fast, accessible, high-energy TED-style talks once a month on any data topic.  I’ve been on the leadership team since 2014. I’ve been the Emcee since 2015. Come see us anytime!



Analyze Boulder was founded because, all too often, data science communities are built around particular technologies. With technologies being so ephemeral, groups would start and quickly die before giving real benefit to members.


Analyze Boulder is a tool-agnostic community of data and analysis lovers. Presentations can use any technology, but can never be about pitching a company or selling a solution. We dive into the methodology and data analysis choices instead.



  • Analyze Boulder began in May 2013 and meets once a month.
  • We are 2,000 members strong!
  • We have participated in Boulder Startup Week for 4 years.
  • The State of Colorado provided us a generous grant to aid our operations.
  • We quickly grew out of Avery, Scribd, and other spaces. Galvanize Boulder has been our home for over 2 years.
  • After many requests, presentations are now broadcasted live via WebEx and archived on our YouTube channel.


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