I help career-changers rediscover their identity and navigate turbulent waters

Take control of your career path in just 8 weeks

Clarify your future

Own your authenticity

Stand out from the noise

Changing careers changes your identity, but it doesn’t have
to break your heart too.

Endless tips and tricks, revisions, and job applications. You are putting in full-time hours only
to hear you re not a fit or worse, no response at all.

Common reasons people struggle getting hired

You don't really understand what you have
to give to a company or team

Your lack of clarity is confusing recruiters

Your way of connecting feels like you are
so eager you'd take any job for now

You lack a predictable way to gain
credibility and visibility

You're “I’ll take anything to get started” attitude is crushing your dreams

You're hiding behind your degree or
credential for credibility and think it is
enough to get hired (it isn't anymore)

There’s a better way!

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So what’s the solution?

The Impact & Identity program helps career changers attract more interviews and offers from companies they respect
and roles that will catapult their future towards fulfillment and joy at work. If your goal is to get hired in a new field
that is more authentically you than whatever work you did before, we have a proven process for job-ready career
changers that will put you in-demand within 8 weeks.

Live your true vision

Gain fulfilling work with a great salary
Make a bigger impact

All the essential resources

Expand your possibilities

Crush your self-limiting and
career-limiting beliefs that keep you
stuck in place and spinning your

Clarify your story

Lear our proprietary technique for
getting clear on what you actually do,
who it s for, and why companies need
you now.

Design your future

With 1:1 coaching, we make sure all your job search materials pack a
punch and put you at the top of the

Make yourself known

Accelerate your networking by having
industry leaders come to you, even as
an industry newbie.

Crush interviews with confidence

Up your inner game so you’re guiding companies to want you in the role without a sleazy “selling” feeling.

Want to go deeper?

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Why join Impact & Identity?

Our team will guide you hands-on through the strategic, emotional, and spiritual shifts required for you to become the person capable of living your vision. Get measurable growth in the next 8 weeks by getting deep support instead of just information.

Increase your confidence

Gain clarity about what you provide

Communicate your truth

Become in demand

Make your job search fruitful

Relax into growth

Does Impact & Identity really work?

*These are all real clients of Impact & Identity. Some names may be hidden to preserve their privacy, but these are authentic and unpaid testimonials.

How to Make the Shift

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minute training video

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messaging, purpose,
and interviewing skills

Become in demand in
less than 8 weeks

What’s Included in the Program

Recorded modules and PDFs

Two live Q&A calls per week

1:1 mindset coaching

24/7 access to 1:1 Helpdesk

Personalized reprogramming audios

Private coaching group

Media contacts for podcasts and social media

Lifetime access to all resources and updates

Are you ready?

Take a moment and ask yourself...

Are you ready to be open and vulnerable with your professional and life?

Are you stuck in the middle of your career journey?

Are you ready to put in the hard work to make a major life change?

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